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Plantae Design is dedicated to home improvement and remodeling. 

The simplicities of life bring us joy and comfort. 

Home renovations can be achieved with a simple plan to fit any budget. Improving your living space will also improve the way you feel. 

In fact, your home can drastically affect your mood. When we’re seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting things that are aesthetically displeasing or trigger painful memories, we feel bad. So, it’s possible to bring more positivity into your life simply by improving your living space.

 Looking to boost your mood through your surroundings? A few small changes to your room or home can go a long way. Here are three ways we can help! 


1. Decorate With Your Favorite Color

“Color is a powerful influencer, and the way we feel when we see a color we dislike can affect us physically,” Moll Anderson, author of Change your home, Change your life with Color

We may suddenly feel exhausted, anxious, or angry, and although we may not understand why, it's definitely a strong aversion. 

You may have known you hated a color, but didn't realize that it was actually also adding to your anxiety.

 So, this is why it’s recommended to decorate with your favorite shade to lift up your energy. 


2. Incorporate Greenery

Plants are a surprisingly easy way to change the ambiance of a room. 

They improve relaxation, inspiration and focus.

 Not to mention, they look great!

 We like to use live plants but cater to those clients that prefer low maintenance, artificial plants. 

3.Choose Decor That Makes You Happy

Your home should be a place that your stress is relieved and not a place where it grows. 

The way we design your home will be one of the biggest influencers.

Coming home to an interior that is inviting, and evokes positive moods is ultimately good for you and that's why it’s so important to us to decorate to your liking and individual needs.

If you've been feeling gloomy at home lately, that could be a sign that it’s time to give us a call.  Let us help you change up your living space.

We can assist you in choosing items, renovating your home, and ensuring your happiness! 

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Living room makeover

Living room makeover

Living room makeover


Just a simple color and unique inexpensive decor can improve the look of any room.

 Book your free estimate today and let us do all the work! 

Custom Decor

Living room makeover

Living room makeover


Need decor? 

 No problem, we design and modify all living spaces to your liking. 


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 Custom designing is, our innermost passion!

 We enjoy using creativity, and enhancing the look of any space.

Delivering customer satisfaction is important to us, and we hope to serve you soon! 

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